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Clarion West Write-a-Thon, Chapters 4 & 5 done - Painted Fire [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Roz Clarke

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Clarion West Write-a-Thon, Chapters 4 & 5 done [Jul. 22nd, 2009|05:19 pm]
Roz Clarke
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Those of you with energy and alertness to notice details only relevant to other people (I know such people exist despite never having been one of them) may note that I never posted a 'done' post for Chapter 4 or a 'due' post for Chapter 5. You may also note that I've been quiet a looong time and am now considerably (woefully, agonisingly) behind.

Chapter 4 did go out, 3 days late or so, and Chapter 5 is done today, just, um, let me work this out, 11 days late.

Excuses? Nothing worth your time.

Chapter 6 was due on the 15th, meaning that nags, bothers and kicks-up-the-bum for Ch 6 are already worth $7 a go.

Chapter 5 is a 20k monster, so reads for Ch 5 will earn the Write-a-Thon $10.

Tally: $60

[User Picture]From: reidwrite
2009-08-04 01:00 am (UTC)
Late or not, looks like progress! But by now, I'm hoping, Chapter 6 is done and you're on to 7? What's the status! How's your story? Keep on keepin' on!
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[User Picture]From: zora_db
2009-08-10 09:34 am (UTC)
Mmm. Chapter 6 isn't done. I fell off the bandwagon pretty much. I have one loyal & immensely appreciated reader, who is still ploughing her way through Chapter 5, and I'm now pacing myself for her, rather than for Write-a-Thon deadlines (which is well over - I must write an update post!)

Thanks for your support though. I'll have to calculate how much that earns the CW kitty!
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