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Write-a-Thon: Chapter Two is dust-free. - Painted Fire [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Roz Clarke

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Write-a-Thon: Chapter Two is dust-free. [Jun. 29th, 2009|07:52 pm]
Roz Clarke

I can report that Chapter Two (The Scrawl, 12,800 words) is sorted, nailed, done and dusted.

Special thanks go to my friend Pamela Budge, who's the only person so far to call in a read of Chapter One. If any of you want to sample Chapter Two, just let me know. Lie convincingly (which as ficition writers most of you should be adept at) and you won't even have to read it to earn $5 for Clarion West!

Here's a taster:

On the ledge above Barton Underway, where three narrow passages meet the stairs down from the square, she pauses for a moment and looks up. She has heard the hum of the engine, just a little closer than it should be. A jutting section of cliff shades this spot from the lighthouse beams, and the sun has gone, so when the airship slides into view the only light comes from its three blue-tinted spots, which pin the target down, dazzled. I chuckle.

- You’re cruel, Mal.

- How can I be cruel if I’m not human, Harry?

Tally: $13