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Clarion West Write-a-Thon, Chapters 4 & 5 done

Those of you with energy and alertness to notice details only relevant to other people (I know such people exist despite never having been one of them) may note that I never posted a 'done' post for Chapter 4 or a 'due' post for Chapter 5. You may also note that I've been quiet a looong time and am now considerably (woefully, agonisingly) behind.

Chapter 4 did go out, 3 days late or so, and Chapter 5 is done today, just, um, let me work this out, 11 days late.

Excuses? Nothing worth your time.

Chapter 6 was due on the 15th, meaning that nags, bothers and kicks-up-the-bum for Ch 6 are already worth $7 a go.

Chapter 5 is a 20k monster, so reads for Ch 5 will earn the Write-a-Thon $10.

Tally: $60
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