Roz Clarke (zora_db) wrote,

Write-a-Thon: The Third Chapter

Hi all.

I should have made this post yesterday. I'm not sure what happened to yesterday.

Chapter Three of Moss & Feathers falls due on Friday, which is July 3rd for those people who love actual dates.

Unfortunately, due to family commitments on Friday, I really need to have it done for tomorrow. I say 'unfortunately' because I've only tinkered around the edges so far, it's the biggest chapter of the book anyway, plus I shunted the action-esque scene from the end of Chapter 2 into it because it really felt like Ch. 2 was getting unwieldy and a break was needed.

And I don't want to do it. For the first time in a few weeks, my book-energy is at zero. My back hurts, my hands hurt, and the characters have abruptly stopped talking to me. It's like I've made some terrible faux-pas, something worse than farting in a lift, but they're not telling me what the problem is. In the last ten days I've been through employment despair, relationship rows and my dad being hospitalised with a collapsed lung, and not had the slightest problem picking the book up. Why does this happen?!


Tally a measly $14. Help me out, here! For this chapter I will triple all donations.
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